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We specialize in Diabetes, Prediabetes & Obesity


At our practice, we recognize that health and happiness go hand in hand. We are dedicated to helping our clients take back their lives, and our comprehensive approach to health and wellness is designed to do just that. Our personalized care program combines traditional insurance based practice with our own exclusive Longevity program. This program offers a holistic approach to managing weight, reversing metabolic complications of Obesity & Diabetes, and creating a lifestyle of health and wellbeing. In addition, we offer GLP-1 Agonists - a class of drugs that have been proven to be game changers in the world of Weight Management & Diabetes when appropriate. With our combination of personalized care and cutting-edge treatments, we are confident that we can help you achieve your health goals.



Jaiwant Rangi, MD, FACE

I am a board certified physician specializing in Diabetes, Endocrinology and Metabolism with over 20 years of experience. I have a strong focus on Cardiometabolic Health and Lifestyle Medicine, providing high-quality, evidence-based care to my patients. My passion is educating and empowering individuals to prevent and reverse chronic health conditions through holistic approach with lifestyle changes, incorporating functional medicine & more integrated approach. My dedication to promoting awareness and early detection of chronic diseases stems from a personal loss - the passing of my brother due to a preventable health condition. This tragedy has driven me to make it my life's work to prevent others from suffering the same fate. I am eager to share my knowledge and empower individuals to live a healthy life without chronic conditions and minimize medication.


74% of US population is Obese or Overweight. obesity is impacted by Environment, genetics or Biology. it is related to more than 60 comorbidities including certain cancers.  It is a serious & chronic disease

"I lost 30 pounds with the Lifestyle Program. I no longer have prediabetes or joint pains. The program completely changed my life! I recommend the program to anyone looking at getting healthy and losing weight"  Karen Riggs

I was referred to Dr.Rangi because of HbA1c of 11% and a silent heart attack in 2017. 5 years later I am 100 pounds lighter & my HbA1c has been down to 7% . My heart condition as been stable & I am taking much less medications "  Carolyn

" I lost 35 pounds in the first 6 weeks of the 6 month program. My HbA1c is down from 8 to 5.9%. I am down on my long acting Insulin from 60 to 20 units with a plan to stop Insulin soon. I am already on much less medications. I wish to lose another 25 pounds to get to my goal. I'm sleeping better & I have a lot of energy"     Paul Phipps


Action Steps



  • To start, please have your primary care provider send a referral, unless your insurance does not require one.

  • As soon as we receive the referral, we will call to schedule

  • Before your appointment, kindly verify if we accept your insurance. Please bring along your insurance card and photo ID to each visit for identification.



  • Upon completion of your initial consultation, we will assess if our Lifestyle Program would be a beneficial fit for you. If you meet the qualifications, we'll evaluate if we're the right match for you.

  • If you're an established patient interested in our Lifestyle Program, simply give our office a call to schedule a discovery call. Our team will be more than happy to assist you along the way

Sign up for Transformation


  • If it is determined that you would benefit from a Lifestyle Program, and we find each other a good fit then we will enroll in the program right away!

  • The program's focus on promoting a healthier lifestyle often leads to patients reducing or eliminating their insulin usage, as well as lowering or discontinuing their BP and cholesterol medications in certain cases.

  • By achieving a healthier version of yourself, the positive impact on your overall health will be significant.

"Lose Weight and Take Control of Your Diabetes & Weight with Our Comprehensive Lifestyle Program"

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