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Jaiwant Rangi, MD, FACE

Board certified in Diabetes, Endocrinology & Metabolism

I'm Jaiwant Rangi, MD. I am a board certified physician specializing in diabetes, endocrinology and metabolism with over 20 years of experience. I have a strong focus on Cardiometabolic Health and Lifestyle Medicine, providing high-quality, evidence-based care to my patients. My passion is educating and empowering individuals to prevent and reverse chronic health conditions through holistic approach with lifestyle changes, incorporating functional medicine & more integrated approach. My dedication to promoting awareness and early detection of chronic diseases stems from a personal loss - the passing of my brother due to a preventable health condition. This tragedy has driven me to make it my life's work to prevent others from suffering the same fate. I am eager to share my knowledge and empower individuals to live a healthy life without chronic conditions and minimize medication. 

"With over 20 years of experience caring for patients with diabetes and obesity, I am passionate about educating and empowering my patients to make a positive impact on their lives. I believe in the power of knowledge and support to help people manage their health. I am confident that if given the opportunity, I will not disappoint and will provide the highest level of care and compassion.


Dr. Rangi is a Board Certified Endocrinologist. She is Passionate about Teaching & about Inspiring Others. She moved to California  after completing Residency in Internal Medicine and Fellowship in Diabetes, Endocrinology & Metabolism from Wayne State University, Michigan in 2005.  In 2008 she moved in Private Practice & created a State of the Art Endocrinology & Diabetes Care Center, after initially working as a Consultant and as Associate Professor in the Department of Endocrinology at University of California, Davis form 2005-2008. After initial 10 years of Practice in Cameron Park, California (2008-2018) she moved the practice to Folsom, California in 2018.


She takes pride in her ability to meet the Endocrine Needs of all types of patients, especially the ones with Diabetes and the use of Newer Medications with Cardiovascular Benefits and Use of Technology in Management of Diabetes. She believes in helping patients benefit from the Latest Advances in her field at the earliest given opportunity and educating patients about their options and rights regardless of the cost driven model which Insurance companies have created which is not always in the best interest of the patients. She is on the Board of California Association of Clinical Endocrinologists (CACE) for the 2020-2022 term. She also volunteers her time for various other Organizations and Committee's to help advance her field and make her specialty more accessible to patients. 

She lives with her husband in the Sierra foothills outside of Sacramento, California, and have two children. She is committed to community development by volunteering her time for various activities and helping those in need, through volunteering and mentoring. In her leisure time, she enjoys practicing hot yoga, meditating, traveling, gardening, and exploring nature.


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My mission is to provide high-quality, evidence-based care to my patients that is focused on preventing and reversing chronic health conditions. I aim to empower individuals with the tools they need to take control of their health and live a fulfilling life without chronic health conditions. By sharing my expertise and promoting awareness, I hope to touch more lives and make a positive impact on the health of my community.


My vision is to transform healthcare by utilizing a holistic and evidence-based approach to prevent and reverse chronic health conditions. By promoting early detection and awareness, I aim to prevent the progression of these conditions and reduce the risk of associated illnesses like heart attacks, strokes, dementia, and cancer.  Through education and advocacy, I strive to make a positive impact on the health of my community and inspire others to adopt a proactive approach to their well-being.


  1. Compassion: We approach every person with empathy, kindness, and understanding, creating a welcoming and supportive environment.

  2. Integrity: We act with honesty and transparency in all our interactions, upholding the highest ethical standards.

  3. Innovation: We continuously seek new and creative solutions to enhance our services and improve our clients' health and wellbeing.

  4. Collaboration: We work together as a team, fostering an inclusive and supportive community and leveraging the strengths of each individual.

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